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10 of the Top Photo Spots in Bruges

Grab your camera and head for these top photo spots in Bruges to capture a lasting memory of this fairytale city.

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Rozenhoedkaai #1

Why? Because this is the top photo spot in Bruges. With its wide canals and historic buildings, the perfect picture isn’t hard to get, even for a novice!!

Kruisvest #2

Why? Because you only have to make your way to the north-east side of the canal from the old part of Bruges and you’ll find 4 windmills dating back to the 18th century and who doesn’t love the romanticism of a windmill. 

 Market Square #3

Why? This is the hub of Bruges, and with its gingerbread-like coloured buildings and flags, it is a vibrant place to take a photo.

Bruges Coffee Shops #4

Why? Because Bruges has many independent coffee shops and who isn’t into photographing great coffee.

Bruges Canals #5

Why? Because this isn’t called the “Venice of the North” without having a good reason. The meandering canals weave themselves around the city, and you can take a boat ride to check them out.

Belfry Tower #6

Why? Because the Belfry Tower is the centrepiece, looming high above the market square and if you are feeling energetic you can hotfoot it up the 366 stairs to then look over the town from above and catch that perfect snap.

Eating Belgian Waffles in Grote Markt #7

Why? Because along with crepes, chocolate, ice cream and chips (yes they are a local speciality covered in mayonnaise) waffles are the number one food to snap.  

waffles covered in strawberries, cream and chocolate sauce with a Belgium paper flag on top

Beer Wall at 2BE #8

Why? Because you probably won’t ever get to see so many different makes of beer in one place at one time. Oh, and you can reward yourself with one for taking so many amazing photos.

Minnewater Lake #9

Why? Located on the main town’s outskirts, it is a place to escape the tourists and get back to nature. A lake (known as the lake of love), a park and a triangular-shaped, floating designer school bring snappers out to this leafy area; a photo hotspot.

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2 years ago

Beautiful photos! I’ve been to Bruges twice, and the second time I got to climb the bell tower for the fantastic view. I love Bruges!

Reply to  Sharon
2 years ago

It is such a charming city with so much character.

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