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Two Days in Dubrovnik: A Great Step-By-Step Short Break Itinerary

Two Days in Dubrovnik: A Great Step-By-Step Short Break Itinerary

Spending two days in Dubrovnik is the perfect amount of time to enjoy a short break in one of Croatia’s most popular destinations. The city is steeped in history and is walkable, meaning you can experience most of the must-see attractions in Dubrovnik in two days.

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, this Unesco-protected walled city is home to narrow cobbled streets, terracotta-roofed houses, and ancient buildings. Outside the city’s walls, beautiful beaches and the turquoise Adriatic sea make visiting Dubrovnik even more enticing.

Game of Thrones fans will be excited to visit the sites used in the series, and foodies will love dining out on delicious meals in quirky restaurants. Adventure seekers can take to the waters by kayak and explore the coast, and scuba divers will find great diving spots close to the city walls.

In this Dubrovnik two-night itinerary, you will have the chance to walk the city walls and explore Dubrovnik’s Old Town, watch the sunset from the top of Mount Srd and cruise across to Lokrum island to see its peacocks and rabbits that roam free on this historic island.

By spending two days in Dubrovnik, you will also have time to visit the neighbouring Elephiti islands, which are beautiful to see.

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Dubrovnik city walls and sea

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubrovnik

When to travel to Dubrovnik 

Late Spring/Summer months – the weather is more pleasant, and the sun is out. If you travel in July/August, be prepared for lots of tourists, especially from cruise ships.

Autumn – I visited in September – the weather is still warm and sunny, and there are fewer crowds. A lovely time to wander around Dubrovnik’s walled city.

Winter – Dubrovnik can be cold, so wrap up well.

Is 48 hours in Dubrovnik enough time to spend in the city?

Dubrovnik is a compact and walkable city, and you will see most of the Dubrovnik attractions in 2 days. If you prefer to explore Dubrovnik and want time to relax on the beach, I would say you need an extra night. Dubrovnik is a popular European destination for a 3-night city break in Europe.

Are there any guided Dubrovnik city tours?

Plenty of Dubrovnik tours can help you learn more about the ancient city. From historic Dubrovnik sightseeing to Game of Thrones tours, there is something for all visitors to enjoy.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

I stayed at the Boutique Apartments La Boheme. Clean, comfortable and in an excellent location overlooking the city walls.

Find availability and pricing for alternative Dubrovnik accommodation here.

How to get from Dubrovnik Airport to the City Centre

Pre-book a private airport transfer with Welcome Pickups and arrive in comfort straight to your hotel door.

Best Things to Do in 48 Hours in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Itinerary Day One – Morning

Walk Dubrovnik’s City Walls  

The walls of Dubrovnik date from the 13th century and are 2k long, consisting of 17 towers and the St John Fortress.

Walking along the city walls in Dubrovnik
  • Arrive early morning or late afternoon to miss the hoards of tourists during the day.
  • An entry fee is required.
  • Walking the walls takes around 1 – 2 hours, depending on your fitness level.
  • Remember, there are only three access/exit points around the walls, so make sure you grab a map to know where they are should you need to get off.
  • Although there are a few cafes along the walls where you can stop for refreshments, bring plenty of water.
  • Bring your camera for the fantastic shots over the rooftops of the old town and out to sea.
Red rooftops of Dubrovnik as viewed from the city walls

Day One – Afternoon

Explore Dubrovnik Old Town

One of the best things to do in Dubrovnik is wander. Walking around Dubrovnik, you can lose yourself to narrow alleyways, stone stairways and secret passageways.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will feel like you are on the set until you pinch yourself and realise everything is authentic.

  • Don’t have a plan go for a wander. You won’t get lost as all streets seem to lead back to the centre.
  • Walk up and down the Placa (Stradun), Dubrovnik’s main street. It is mesmerising in the evening when the lights illuminate the buildings.
  • Visit the Rector’s Palace, once the siege of the government and the most important public building.
  • Be amazed by the treasures and artwork in the Cathedral.
  • Stop for lunch or a chilled glass of wine at one of the restaurants lining the back streets.
  • Check out the artisan coffee shops hidden down the side alleyways.
  • Visit Sponza Palace, built in 1520 and housing the most important documents about Dubrovnik’s history.
  • Join a Game of Thrones tour if you are a fan. I recognised several locations and had fun taking photos in these spots.
  • Be amazed at how many cats you will see. Hundreds live in the city, and we even spotted a cat sanctuary on one of the streets.
  • Take in the views of Dubrovnik from different points in the city.

Day One – Evening

Take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd.

For the best sunset spot in Dubrovnik, head to the top of Mount Srd

  • Give yourself an hour to queue for the cable car before the sun sets. For obvious reasons, it gets jam-packed.
  • Make sure you have your camera for the stunning photos you can take during the day, of the baked clay tiles on the houses and at night of the sun setting over the Elafiti Islands.
  • Don’t stay with the crowds on the viewing platform but instead walk around the back of the building along the road and find yourself a piece of cliffside to sit and experience the sunset in your own space.
  • If you want to eat at the restaurant, make sure you have a reservation; otherwise, take your picnic with you.
  • When the sun has set, wait a while before heading back down on the cable car. We queued for 40 minutes to get back down and, in hindsight, wished we had waited for the crowds to disperse.
  • Take something warm with you. At 412 metres above the city, it can be a bit chilly when the sun goes down.
  • If you don’t want to take the cable car, you can do a great hike up Mount Srd.

Dubrovnik Itinerary Day Two – Morning

Sail over to Lokrum Island

See the roaming peacocks, the monastery ruins, and the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Exhibition.

  • Hop aboard a ferry from Dubrovnik’s old harbour and enjoy the 10-minute ride to the island. The first boat departs at 10 am, and the last boat leaves at 4 pm. They run every hour.
  • Explore the abandoned 15th-century monastery and the botanical gardens.
  • Visit the Game Of Thrones Exhibit, sit on the replica iron throne and imagine you are the ruler of everything!
  • Marvel at the peacocks brought to the island by Maximilian, the 19th-century Austrian Archduke, who roam freely alongside the rabbits!
  • Take one of the walking paths through the green pine forests that lead down to the coast. You will discover rocky coves with waters ideal for swimming.
  • Take a picnic with you or grab a bite from one of the several cafes on the island. Then sit under a tree and admire the azure waters surrounding the island.
  • Take the steep trail leading to the ruins of Fort Royal castle. The reward will be the stunning 360-degree panoramic view but remember your water; it’s a tough walk to the top.

Day Two – Afternoon

Sail to one of the Elafiti Islands.

The three inhabited islands near Dubrovnik all offer a different experience.

a waterside scene of Kolocep Island in Croatia

Island of Kolocep

Me sitting by the sea waiting for a ferry on Kolocep Island, Croatia
  • Consisting of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, all the islands can be reached by Jadrolinija ferry from Dubrovnik. You can use each island as a jumping-off point for another one.
  • Organised day trips will take you to all the islands and provide activities such as snorkelling and lunch.
  • If you enjoy hiking, visit Kolocep, which offers several different routes around the island.
  • After your hike, enjoy a glass of Croatian wine at the cafe by the ferry terminal.
  • Make sure you give yourself enough time to buy your ticket before boarding. The ferries are very punctual arriving and departing.
  • If you want to enjoy a sandy beach (one of the rare few in the area), visit Sunj beach on Lopud.
  • Golf buggies will take you to the beach for a small fee if your legs aren’t quite up to it. I walked, which is quite a trek, especially on a hot day.
  • Visit the church and gardens on Lopud.

Island of Lopud

If you have time, when you return to Dubrovnik Town, head to Banje beach, the most popular beach in Dubrovnik and finish your day off with a spectacular view of the harbour and the city walls. The perfect way to end your 48 hours in Dubrovnik.

If you decide to extend your 2-day Dubrovnik itinerary by a day or more, one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik is to Kotor, Montenegro. Kotor is a smaller version of Dubrovnik and has the title “little Dubrovnik”; despite its size, it is a beautiful Balkan city to visit and only a 2-hour drive away from Dubrovnik.

Would I recommend two days in Dubrovnik?

Yes, I would. Regardless of how much time you spend here, I think it is a place you will want to return to.

It is steeped in history, has some stunning beaches and offers the traveller much to explore. It can also be used as the starting point to discover some of the other best places to visit in Croatia.

Dubrovnik island


Friday 28th of February 2020

We are headed to Dubrovnik soon - also for 2 Days. I’m super excited about all the things your featured in this post!! Can’t wait to go check them out.


Friday 28th of February 2020

You will have a fantastic time, Dubrovnik is a wonderful place to visit!


Wednesday 22nd of January 2020

Dubrovnik seems to be the place to just give your legs a good workout! Lots of walking and climbing opportunities while soaking in the history and culture of the place. It is very interesting that they thought of providing golf buggies to tired tourists to the beach!! Love your pictures! :-)


Wednesday 22nd of January 2020

It is a place you can get active as well as lots of beaches to relax. My husband would have loved being taken to the beach in the golf buggy but I made him walk !