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Norway is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, friendly people and a rich cultural heritage.

It has something for everyone, from the stunning fjords and islands to the colourful northern lights and incredible midnight sun.

The country is known for its outdoor activities, such as skiing, fishing and cycling, and offers some of the world’s best hiking trails with beautiful views of glaciers and lakes.

Unsurprisingly, this Scandinavian country serves some of the freshest seafood dishes around. From salmon to shrimp, Norway’s seafood will surely please any foodie’s palate.

Cities like Tromso offer visitors a taste of Norway’s arctic connection. At the same time, the capital Oslo is proud to be one of Europe’s up-and-coming cultural cities with a mixture of renowned art galleries and urban street art.

Add to the mix museums, fine-dining restaurants and inner-city fjords, and you are on to a winner.

Overall, Norway offers an unforgettable experience full of adventure, culture, delicious food and friendly locals who are always happy to share stories about their vibrant culture!

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