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How to See Storms River Suspension Bridge in Tsitsikamma

Storms River Suspension Bridge

Storms River sits in the Tsitsikamma region of South Africa’s Garden Route National Park. This coastal area is the premier place along the Garden Route to experience the best of the great outdoors. It is the place to visit for outdoor activities, marine sightings, scuba diving, and much more.

I chose to include Storms River on my 2-week Garden Route road trip itinerary as there are numerous walks to discover in Tsitsikamma, and I love walking! The most popular short walk is the two-kilometre Storms River Mouth Trail, which leads to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tsitsikamma, the iconic Storms River suspension bridge.

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It is an easy one hour return walk to the suspension bridge, which starts by the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp.

two boys in blue t-shirts sit on a wooden fence with Storms River behind them

Our walk followed a wooden boardwalk that weaved itself through the coastal forest, past glorious ocean views, by a few small waterfalls and some beach inlets until reaching the mouth of the river. We found that the route had quite a few steps going up and down but nothing a person in good health couldn’t manage.

There are two other sections of the suspension bridge that we walked along that hug the coastline.

Spot the Storms River Suspension Bridge

And then, we spotted the iconic landmark of Tsitsikamma National Park as we reached the mouth of Storms River. It is pretty impressive!

Storms River Suspension Bridge

At this point, we made our way down to the trail end to cross the famous suspension bridge. We stood in the centre of the bridge and watched the turbulent dark waters as they rushed into the mouth of the river.

It’s not for everyone as the bridge does bounce a bit if a few people are on it – or two boys that want to scare their mum – but that’s the fun of crossing it, and we loved sharing the experience.

tree people standing in the middle of the suspension bridge at Storms River

The small pebble beach at the end of the River Mouth Trail is a place to dip your toes in the water and chill out for a while before the return walk.

pebble beach in Storms River

On the beach is a sign giving facts about the suspension bridge.

Green sign with wording about the suspension bridge at Storms River Mouth

The Storms River Mouth Trail continues after the bridge to a lookout point; however, this is a steep climb and not one that I explored. Instead, I chose to chill out on the beach with my family and enjoy the beautiful coastal views.

Angie sitting on a rock at the end of the Storms River Mouth Trail
Helpful Information

Follow signs along the N2 motorway for Tsitsikamma National Park. Please note that a conservation fee for entering Tsitsikamma is approximately £15 (2022).

We stayed in comfortable accommodation at Tsitsikamma Village Inn in Storms River. It was a 5-minute drive from Tsitsikamma National Park.

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Tsitsikamma that you can book online.

Love the sound of Storms River Mouth Trail?

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Ami Bhat
4 months ago

That first step on the suspension bridge is always dicey. I only find myself at ease when I have reached half way. And this one definitely is one of those. However, I would brave it just to enjoy that view.And a big yes to the beach too.

Banerjee Puloma
Banerjee Puloma
4 months ago

Storms river suspension bridge is a spectacular watching the gurgling river water passing underneath the bridge. The storms river mouth trail looks an impressive walk into the coastal forest with pristine waterfalls and ocean views.

Medha Verma
Medha Verma
4 months ago

Not just the suspension bridge but the entire coastal walk looks so amazing. I’ve always wanted to make it to South Africa and drive the garden route, and its for these beautiful sights that I want to go there.

4 months ago

I recently did this walk. It’s fantastic and in my opinion, if you are in the area you shouldn’t miss this.

4 months ago

I can see how I might be a bit nervous crossing the bridge if it shakes, but it looks like the views and experience are completely worth any bit of anxiety I might feel! Plus, the bonus of being able to relax at the small beach and just take in the area in all its magnificence would be something I would look forward to. Storms River is an adventure I would want to add to my itinerary, too…What a photographer’s dream!

Maria Veloso
4 months ago

It looks scary but it definitely attracts the brave soul in me! I can just imagine the thrill of standing on it and taking all the incredible views of the surrounding area. I’d probably go hiking and enjoy the beach, too.

Linda (LD Holland)
4 months ago

A hike to the Stores River Suspension Bridge would definitely be on our plans. I love all the sights you found along the hiking path. And I would probably be the person jumping on the suspension bridge. I too would hang out on the beach. But I might send hubby up the steep path to get me pics!

Ambica Gulati
4 months ago

Since I have vertigo, I am a little wary of bridges. So, this virtual tour makes me feel all of you were very brave. It’s certainly scenic. We have a small suspension bridge in India too, and people take their bikes over it. So, I could just feel the bridge shaking, when you wrote about children runnig and scaring their mum.

4 months ago

Most suspension bridges are up high at tree top level, so this one definitely would serve a different perspective and purpose. It adds a little adventure to a normal hike around this beautiful landscape. And, it seems a little excitement for your sons to try and make you a little scared of crossing the wobbly bridge. I can see how this would be a fun outing for the day and to end with a relaxing time on the beach.

4 months ago

I really love suspension bridges and the Storms River suspension bridge looks fantastic. They usually offer amazing views. Great that there are several hiking possibilities in the area that include a walk over the bridge. I might opt for a longer walk if possible.

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