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Lofoten Links: Lodges and Golf in the Arctic Circle

Lofoten Links: Lodges and Golf in the Arctic Circle

Welcome to the picturesque and charming world of Lofoten Links in Norway. Nestled amidst a breathtaking landscape of towering mountains, a pristine beach, and crystal-clear waters, this golf destination offers much more than just an exceptional game.

Lofoten Links is a true haven for both avid golfers and travel enthusiasts. Whether aiming for a hole-in-one or simply seeking solace in the stunning surroundings, get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience that combines sport with unparalleled natural beauty.

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View from the Lofoten Link Lodge to the sea.

Lofoten Links Lodges

My overnight stay in one of the Lofoten Links Lodges was at the tail end of my July trip to Lofoten. We hadn’t originally planned to be here, but sadly, my flight to Oslo was cancelled, and we needed a place to stay before flying to Oslo the next day. Being summer, most places in Lofoten were booked solid, including the Nusfjord Arctic Resort, where we had been staying, so there was no chance of staying there any longer.

After trawling the internet, we found a room in one of the luxury Lofoten Links Lodges and booked it within minutes!

Arriving on the island of Gimsøya, the weather was a little overcast, but that didn’t detract from the breathtaking location of the lodges overlooking the Norwegian Sea and surrounded by majestic mountains.

How to get to Lofoten Links

If you aren’t already in the Lofoten Islands and are coming from Oslo, you can fly with SAS or Norwegian Air into Harstad/Narvik Evenes Airport, rent a car, and drive for three hours to Lofoten Links. Or fly with Woderoe into Leknes or Svolvaer, rent a car and drive 45 minutes to Lofoten Links.

A house with a turf roof in Lofoten Links.
One of the Lofoten Links Lodges

What are the Lofoten Lodges like?

Lofoten Links’ accommodation caters to various group sizes and budgets. Most lodges have beds that comfortably sleep up to 7 or 8 people in separate bedrooms, making them perfect for families, friends, or golf enthusiasts. Other lodges feature a mix of ensuite and shared bathrooms, and some even have saunas and hot tubs.

Be aware that you may have to share with strangers, as was the case with us. The bedrooms are private, but the living room and kitchen are communal spaces shared with fellow housemates.

We sat in the lounge chatting with a lady and her son, who had come from Scotland to play golf. Meanwhile, another couple, who had been cycling across Lofoten, were busy cooking dinner while I sat in my armchair looking out at the spectacular view towards the sea.

While I am always happy being around other travellers, if that’s not your thing, you’ll need to consider if Lofoten Links Lodges are right for you.

During our stay, we enjoyed the endless light of the Midnight Sun. If you visit during winter, Lofoten Links Lodges offers an amazing chance to witness the mesmerising Northern Lights. With minimal light pollution and clear skies, you can step outside your lodge and marvel at nature’s dazzling light show. I can only imagine how cool that would be.

A house with a turf roof in Lofoten Links.

How close is the beach?

While golfing isn’t our thing, beach walks are, and we could do just that at nearby Hov Beach. While the beach looked deserted on our evening stroll under the midnight sun, we heard it was popular with families during the day.

Sandy Beach in Lofoten Links.

Culinary delights at Restaurant Låven

While the lodges provide self-catering facilities, allowing you to prepare your own meals, a short walk away leads to Restaurant Låven. With a heritage spanning more than 70 years, this beautifully redecorated barn house serves as a unique venue for indulging in traditional local cuisine and modern culinary delights.

Just remember to book ahead. We turned up looking forward to dinner, and it was full. The worst part was that there were no shops or other restaurants nearby (yes, you really are in a remote area), so we ended up eating snacks we had picked up earlier in our travels!

Play a round at Lofoten Links Golf Course

While neither of us are golfers, we went for a wander to look at the course and had to admit that it is a spectacular golfing destination. After all, how many golf courses are located in the Arctic Circle?

Lofoten Links Golf Pro Shop.
Lofoten Links Pro Shop

For golfers reading this post, here are some interesting facts and information about this stunning course:

Location: Situated on the island of Gimsøya, the Lofoten Links course is surrounded by nature at its finest, making it one of the most picturesque golf courses in the world.

Design: Designed by renowned golf course architect Jeremy Turner, Lofoten Links beautifully blends into its natural surroundings. It features 18 holes that wind through undulating terrain, sandy dunes, and even along the coastline, providing players with an unforgettable golfing experience.

Challenging yet Playable: Despite its scenic beauty, Lofoten Links is not just a walk in the park for experienced golfers. With strategic bunkering, fast greens, and unpredictable coastal winds adding to the challenge factor, careful shot selection and accuracy are required. However, multiple tee boxes cater to players of all skill levels – making it equally enjoyable for beginners or high handicappers.

Sustainability: The management at Lofoten Links emphasizes sustainability practices throughout their operations. From employing organic maintenance techniques to minimizing water consumption and protecting wildlife habitats on-site – they strive towards being an eco-friendly facility while preserving their natural environment.

Midnight Sun Golf

One of the unique aspects of playing at Lofoten Links is playing midnight sun golf during the summer months (June to early August). Due to its location above the Arctic Circle, visitors can play under sunlight throughout the night, creating an extraordinary atmosphere for a round of golf.

Lofoten Links Golf Course.
Lofoten Links Golf Course

Is it worth visiting Lofoten Links?

While the golf course promises an exceptional experience, Lofoten Links is not just a destination for golf enthusiasts. The lodges and their surroundings make it an ideal year-round destination, allowing guests to revel in the beauty of the Lofoten Islands during every season.

In conclusion, Lofoten Links Golf Course and its lodges offer more than just a golfing escape. They’re a place for those seeking a distinctive and immersive travel experience in Norway’s enchanting landscape. I, for one, would recommend a stay in a luxury standard lodge.

Do you like the sound of the Lofoten Links Lodges? Here is the information on pricing and availability.

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Sunday 4th of February 2024

I never considered visiting Norway before, but it seems like I am missing out on a lot. I am impressed by how well Lofoten Links golf course blends with the surrounding green spaces, and even the lodge looks beautiful. It is such a relaxing and peaceful place - I would love to explore it someday.


Sunday 4th of February 2024

Norway is one of my favourite places in Europe, the landscape is totally amazing. If you are interested you can have a look at my other Norway posts for inspiration:


Sunday 4th of February 2024

If I were to be a golfer, Lofoten Links sounds like it would be a unique place to play. Cycling and walking in the arctic sounds like a good reason for a visit.