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Sheffield Tasmania: The Amazing Town of Murals in Australia

Rolling off the Spirit of Tasmania ferry at 6 am, all that was on my mind was coffee! It had been a rough night’s crossing from Melbourne, but we had finally arrived at Devonport on day 25 of our epic round the world trip and after picking up our hire car, Sheffield was to be our first stop in Tasmania.

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Sheffield, Tasmania – the Town of Murals

The town had suffered hardships in the past, and in 1986 the local council decided to put Sheffield back on the map with the introduction of murals on the sides of its buildings. The idea had worked, and this once sleepy town is now an attraction in its own right with over 200,000 visitors a year viewing over 50 works of art. Lucky for us when we arrived we were the only visitors there due to the time of day. Unlucky for us the coffee shop didn’t open for another hour, and I was gasping!

With a while to kill before the town came awake, we took advantage of the lack of cars or visitors and wandered around the town, taking photographs of the wonderful murals and scenery. The subjects range from rural life, historical events and wildlife from the area.

The first mural was painted in 1986 and depicted a mountaineer and conservationist sharing his home with the wild animals.

The first mural commissioned in 1986 painted by John Lendis, depicts Gustav Weindorfer, a passionate mountaineer and conservationist sharing his home with the wild animals

The Blacksmith Cafe had one of the most stunning murals painted on the shop front and side.

Front of Blacksmith's Cafe

A.G.Rowe has been commemorated in this painting as a local inventor of a coin-operated self-service, automated fuel pump, a pressure cooker and the machine for washing carrots for use on farms.

The garage in Sheffield

Notice the trompe l’oeil effect of the small child peering into the shop window.

The Habedashery store

The cascading waterfall depicts many that are found throughout Tasmania, linking the town to the nature around it.

cascading waterfall mural

Local eagles painted on the grocery storefront. We were lucky enough to see the real thing on the outskirts of the town.

Local grocery school

Notice our shadows on the ground in the early morning sunshine.

Sheffield Church

A religious scene of Jesus and his worshippers in the rural landscape of Tasmania.

Have you ever seen a cuter ice-cream shop depicting early school days in Sheffield?

ice cream shop front

My favourite mural featuring all the animals indigenous to Tasmania.

Noah's Ark Mural

The mural of a shopkeeper serving a girl with two of the world’s most famous brands on show. Painted straight on brickwork gave this one a tiled appearance.


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Sheffield Mural Town

Sheffield is more than just murals; it has a feeling of calm with a stunning backdrop of Mount Roland. It was a total contrast to the non-stop city of Melbourne that we had only left the previous day. We were still in Australia, and yet it felt a million miles away with its colonial-style buildings and manicured front lawns. Sheffield has a charming identity, and you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time. It had been a really great introduction to Tasmania, and we discovered that there were plenty of other things to do in this area as well as an International Mural Festival held annually at Easter.

Mount Roland

Sheffield town

Finally, signs of life became apparent around town, and we headed to a coffee shop aptly named Fudge n’ good Coffee so that I could satisfy my inner coffee monster. The name was true to its word, and we ended up buying their homemade fudge for our continuing road trip.


Sheffield had been a fabulous introduction to Tasmania, and on our exit, this signpost caught our eye. We stopped for a photograph and asked a local if the names were real and guess what, they all are. Just imagine living in the Garden of Eden or even Paradise!

Tasmanian sign post


Availability and Rates for Sheffield Accommodation 

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Shelby @fitasamamabear
10 months ago

This would be a stunning place to walk through!

Reply to  Shelby @fitasamamabear
10 months ago

It really was, it just kept on going and every single building had a mural on it!

10 months ago

Looks awesome, especially with the mountains in the background.
Great pics.

Reply to  Nick
10 months ago

Thanks, it was a really unique place to visit.

Karis | Don't Dream, Just Travel
10 months ago

Wow, look at all that street art! I hope to explore Tasmania one day myself. It is going to have to be a long trip, though!

Reply to  Karis | Don't Dream, Just Travel
10 months ago

Yes, I included it in 6 weeks travelling around Australia. Tasmania was by far my favourite part of OZ.

Annemaree Clementson
10 months ago

oh I can’t wait to get back to Tasmania – and I’ve never visited this town, thanks for the tips.

1 year ago

I’m a sucker for street art and these murals are wonderful! I think like you my favourite has to be the mural depicting all the Tassie animals, what a talented artist! Incidentally was there much information about the artists, I’d be interested to find out more about them.

Reply to  Nicky
1 year ago

No there wasn’t any directly visible around the murals however I’m sure the net would have something about some of them. There is an annual competition for new artists to submit a mural. I would love to be there to be part of that. It was such a lovely town

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