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Top 5 Amazing Community Restaurants in Siem Reap for Breakfast

Siem Reap has an abundant choice of restaurants offering breakfast options. During my 4-nights in Siem Reap, I discovered that these restaurants are also established as social enterprises. The restaurants pride themselves on offering training and employment to the local people to aid in their development and wellbeing.

Charities support these ventures and create some great places for the traveller to eat whilst giving back to the community. Avocado toast and smoothie bowls cater to Western demands whilst local Kymer dishes are available if you are after something traditional.

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 Footprint Cafe Breakfast

This was my favourite cafe located on Street 26 and not far from Siem Reap’s river. 

I loved the concept of a restaurant within a bookstore where travellers can enjoy a meal and then leave with a book. The Footprint Cafe is supported by a charity and managed by local staff, making it a viable self-sustained business. Visitors can buy donated books with sales helping to generate grants for local communities. The motto “People, Planet, Profit” certainly explains their ethos.

What’s on the menu?

The menu offers mouth-watering dishes such as peanut butter & dark chocolate porridge combo, vegan pumpkin pancakes with sautéed green apples, bananas and a ginger glaze or for those with a more savoury palate,  Sunni’s savoury fry up. Fresh smoothies and great coffee compliment the dishes.

I was so impressed with my Siem Reap breakfast and the friendly staff that I returned in the evening for dinner. The Cambodian chicken curry was sensational and was washed down with a delicious cocktail.

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The Missing Socks Laundry Cafe Breakfast

A laundromat and a cafe located not far from Pub Street and the Night Market.

Whoever came up with this idea is on to a winner. Travellers can use the 24/7 self-service laundry machines whilst they sit down to enjoy breakfast or a coffee.

What’s on the menu?

The Missing Socks Menu features some awesome waffle choices, from scrambled eggs on waffles to seasonal fruits and ice cream or a matcha waffle, offering a change from the norm. Did I mention that one of Cambodia’s past barista champions also works here, so expect your flat whites and your chai lattes to be outstanding! They have a great motto which is “The Missing Socks Laundry Cafe came from a desire to serve the ones bitten by wanderlust”, and that just about sums the place up.

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Vibe Cafe Breakfast

Head to this cafe offering health-conscious vegan and plant-based choices located on 715 Street, not far from the Children’s Hospital. 

The Vibe cafe’s foundation works with poor, rural communities in Cambodia. Its aim is to provide 10,000 school children with healthy vegan food in Cambodia. They work directly with farmers who are producing their products without chemicals and pesticides. This allows them to source the highest quality fresh ingredients for the food.

Whether vegan or not, head over to the Vibe Cafe for their vibrant vegan, gluten-free and raw breakfast options. The foodies amongst us who care for our health and the environment will enjoy its creative diversity. A great Siem Reap breakfast cafe.

What’s on the menu?

The menu offers raw and gluten-free açai bowls alongside quinoa porridge with honey. You must try the coffee, sourced locally, and served with cashew milk. Please don’t leave until you have tasted the Spanish bomb coffee; it is a real treat. Healing and botanical teas are available alongside smoothies and elixirs, all sugar-free and freshly produced.

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The Little Red Fox Espresso

A cafe started up by an Australian and managed by a Cambodian in the heart of Siem Reap’s new Kandal Village precinct. 

Diners can enjoy breakfast created by mostly ingrediants sourced from local Cambodian gowers. This ensures that small Cambodian-run family businesses from around the Siem Reap area receive continued support in the community throughout the year.

The Little Red Fox Espresso was one of the first cafes in Siem Reap to take noticeable action towards lowering its daily carbon footprint and sharing the knowledge on how to go green and clean with our team and the community. Read more here.

What’s on the menu?

The menu offers a vast selection of coffee, as you would expect, providing the best quality fairtrade and organic beans from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

Breakfast bagels, bircher muesli and sunshine smoothie bowls are a popular choice on the menu. The brunch menu is varied and delicious, all served up with a smile from the Little Red Fox team.

Photo credit@the little red fox espresso

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Sister Srey Breakfast

A cafe opened by two sisters and located near Pub Street and the Old Market area.

This cafe donates a percentage of its profits to a landmine clearance organisation to aid in making Cambodia a safer place for all.  Educational support is given to staff members to bridge the gap between work and home life. Their ethos is that Sister Srey is a cafe with a heart, a cafe with the desire to see change and with the ability to do so.

What’s on the menu?

Fresh organic produce is vegan and gluten-free and sourced only from suppliers who support the local community. Breakfast choices range from green eggs and ham, stuffed toast and dragonfruit smoothie bowls with a wide selection of beverages.

Siem Reap Breakfast Bowl
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If you have a favourite community cafe in Siem Reap that is not listed, please let me know!

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Cate Michelle
1 year ago

I got so hungry reading this post! I’m planning a trip to Cambodia when we can safely travel again and I am so excited to try some of these cafes! I like to make breakfast one of the biggest meals of the day when I travel! Gorgeous food!

1 year ago

A lovely post listing helpful choices in breakfast selections in Siem Reap – definitely a must read for first time travellers to this part of the world.

Jay Artale
1 year ago

We at at Joe to Go in Siem Reap … and I just linked back to your article so my readers can get more inspiration about where to support the community, and get great food next time they’re in town.

Reply to  Jay Artale
1 year ago

Thanks Jay! I’m glad that my post appealed to you. I loved finding all the community brunch spots and helping support their causes whilst enjoying amazing food.

Deborah Gough
Deborah Gough
2 years ago

We are off to Cambodia soon so will definitely try out some of the cafes you have recommended !

Reply to  Deborah Gough
2 years ago

You will love Cambodia and the curries are incredible! Have an amazing journey.

Andrew Price
Andrew Price
2 years ago

Wonderful post angie. Really nice read.

Reply to  Andrew Price
2 years ago

Thank you

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