Super Sparrow Review: The Best Insulated Water Bottles for Travellers

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Super Sparrow; however, all opinions are my own.

I was pleased to be contacted by Super Sparrow who asked me to review their fantastic range of unique stainless steel double wall insulated water bottles.

With so many water bottle options on the market, it’s hard to know which one is the absolute best water bottle for your needs. With this in mind, I have tested and reviewed the four styles of re-usable water bottles in their range.

The high-quality water bottles come in a range of sizes and colours, with an anti-slip powder-coating on the shell, meaning condensation is not able to form on the outside of the bottle.

And with LockTemp technology, the liquids in your drink bottle will always stay at the perfect temperature thanks to the vacuum insulation device inside the lid.

Cold liquids stay chilled for up to 24 hours and hot liquids for up to 12 hours. Great to take on those long hikes or car journeys for refreshing ice-cold drinks or warming coffee, tea or soups.

Caring for Your Health and Our World

The water bottles are stylish, functional and durable, but best of all they are made of pro-grade stainless steel, so they are BPA and toxin-free.

This means that you can rest assured that these eco-friendly water bottles are kind to your body, kind to the planet and maintain a pure taste to your liquids. No plastic contaminates anywhere here so you are helping save the environment by using a sustainable option instead of a single-use plastic bottle.

The reusable water bottles are perfect for travellers to use anywhere and everywhere because Super Sparrow has designed its bottles specifically for active lifestyles. Now you can always have a bottle of water within easy reach!

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Insulated Leak-Proof Drinking Bottles

Four sizes are available:

  • Small Mouth (350ml – 750ml)
  • Standard Mouth (350ml – 1000ml)
  • Wide Mouth (500ml – 1000ml)
  • Sports Bottle (350ml – 1500ml)

Quality and Functionality Test

Small Mouth Water Bottle

Size: 750ml water bottle

Colour: Stainless Steel with Whale Graphic

My first impression was that this water bottle felt solid, and the etched whale graphic was great. In fact, I think these are some of the coolest water bottles I have seen on the market.

I tested it with both cold and hot liquids, and both performed as expected. I left boiling water in this bottle for 18 hours, and it was still warm when I poured it!

A sports cap and a screw-top lid are provided with this stainless steel water bottle.

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Standard Mouth Water Bottle

Size: 500ml water bottle

Colour: Frost

This can be a flip straw water bottle or a screw-top water bottle as it comes with both types of caps, meaning you can interchange as and when you choose. It also comes with two straws and a thin straw cleaning brush.

An insulated carry sling is provided to enhance temperature capabilities and to protect the bottle from scratches and dents (if you happen to be particularly adventurous). A carabiner comes with the bottle should you wish to clip it to your rucksack or belt.

I used the standard mouth bottle on a hike, and it performed as expected. The stainless steel insulation kept my water cold and pure – no nasty plastic flavours or smells seeping into my drink as I have experienced with other water bottle brands.

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Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Size: 1000ml water bottle

Colour: Sea Blue

Roll on winter days when I can fill this huge insulated water bottle with piping hot soup and know that it will stay hot for when I finish my hikes.

Another great design with a screw top lid and carry handle. I would suggest bringing a cup along with you as it may not be practical to drink hot liquids straight from the wide mouth.

Of course, this bottle is also superb for beach days when you need to stay hydrated with plenty of ice-cold fluids throughout the day. No matter how long you stay at the beach, you are guaranteed the LockTemp technology will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for you to enjoy.

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Tritan Sports Water Bottle

Size: 1000ml water bottle

Colour: Sea Glass

I have to say how much I love the texture of this durable Tritan water bottle. It is smooth and rubberised like sharks skin and is easy to grip. I have this on my work desk and know that if I fill up my 1000ml bottle 3 times during the day, I will have consumed the recommended 3 litres of water a day. This makes staying hydrated super manageable.

The Tritan sports bottle has a static mouth gulper design rather than a flip straw water bottle version but there‚Äôs a special locking mechanism to keep users from accidentally pressing the button and spilling the contents.

A circular filter allows you to pop pieces of fruit and veg inside the bottle to flavour your water without getting any stuck inside the mouthpiece. I would recommend cucumber, lemon and lime slices to flavour your water. Remember, drinking water never has to be dull.

The Tritan sports bottle has a carry strap attached and I think this could possibly be the best sports water bottle I have ever owned!

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Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your insulated water bottles in the tip-top condition they arrived in then you need to follow some simple routines.

Wash with hot soapy water after use and rinse thoroughly – don’t put into the dishwasher, the material will be damaged.

Air-dry the bottle after washing to ensure that it is totally dry before the lid goes back on for storage. You don’t want any mould forming inside!

Clean the outside with a non-abrasive cloth – you don’t want to scratch your beautiful bottle.

Use the thin brush provided to clean your drinking straws.

I hope that you have found this review useful. If you have any comments to make please leave them below.

A Super Sparrow bottle would make a great present idea for the traveller in your life.

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