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The World’s Most Beautiful Cafe: New York Cafe Budapest

New York Cafe Budapest holds the title for being the world’s most beautiful cafe. Its opulent interior bathed in gilt and velvet with a menu of sumptuous dishes promises a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Located in the New York Palace Hotel it invites visitors and guests to spend some time enjoying this incredible space over breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

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Gilded Ballastrades and red velvet upholstery in New York Cafe

Why is New York mentioned in Budapest?

But why is it so decadent and why is it called the New York Cafe when it is in Budapest? 125 years ago the opulent building was designed as the Hungarian headquarters for the New York Life Insurance Company. The late 19th century was also a time when coffee houses were used as meeting places to conduct business. Put the two together and the cafe at New York Life became the place to be seen.

Hungary’s most important news agencies had their offices on the second floor and spent time in the cafe making connections. Writers, poets, artists and musicians of the time would all come together to talk, debate and swap creative ideas.

Table settings in the New York Cafe

Decadent Styling in the New York Cafe

Frescoed ceilings showcase Venetian glass chandeliers and gilded balustrades with delicate pastel walls make the cafe feel like a palatial stateroom inside a noble palace. You would be forgiven for thinking that the cafe is stuffy and pretentious. Far from it, the cafe welcomes the tourist to experience why it holds such a prestigious title.

frescoed ceilings

Of course, a visit to the cafe would be incomplete without a glass of bubbles or a 24kt gold cappuccino that can be enjoyed whilst listening to the resident band playing classical melodies. Whilst the prices may make your eyes water you have to splurge a little when experiencing such grandiose surroundings. On a trip to Budapest pay a visit to this beautiful cafe, you will love it.

Interior view from the balcony of the New York Cafe
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1 year ago

I never knew why it was called the New York Cafe…. Now I know, Thanks Angie 🙂

Reply to  Andrew
1 year ago

It certainly has got a colourful history.

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