Trip Map World Review: The Best Push Pin World Map for Travellers

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Trip Map World; however, all opinions are my own.

If you are reading this blog then, like me, you have a passion for travel and everything relating to it. So I was delighted to be contacted by Trip Map World and jumped at the opportunity to review their incredible push pin large map.

The luxury canvas push pin wall maps are lovingly handmade in Lithuania by a small team headed by Marta and Paulius and are the perfect way to identify all the amazing places you have visited or that are still on your travel bucket list waiting to be explored.

Decorative SeparatorPush Pin Travel Map

I am amazed at how many different options of colour palettes and board sizes that Trip Map World offers. 31 different colourways are available for the world map, which I feel is incredible. Who would have thought that so many different looks could be applied to one map!

Choose between four different maps: World map, Europe map, USA map and the brand new UK and Ireland map as well as countless personalization options ranging from names, logos and icons. The options are endless and allow you to match your push pin board with pins to your home decor.

World, Europe and USA Maps are available in a landscape aspect and come in four dimensions:

  • Small (85×60 cm / 33.4×23.6 in)
  • Medium (100×70 cm / 39.3×27.5 in)
  • Large (120×80 cm / 47.2×31.5 in)
  • Extra Large (150×100 cm / 59×39.3 in)

UK and Ireland Maps are offered in a portrait aspect with the same dimensions.

Each map comes with 100 pins of your colour choice but should you require more there are 16 different pin colours available to buy online.

Decorative Separator

My Push Pin World Travel Map

I was originally asked to review the newly launched UK and Ireland Map. However, I felt that as I am from the UK and have visited just about everywhere within it, I wanted the world map. This would allow me to focus on pinning my past international travels in addition to new and exciting places I want to visit in the future.

I opted for Trip Map World’s push pin colourful, detailed large map as I loved its subtle pastel colours and the fact that the countries detailed in blue matched my logo.

When my world map arrived, I was so excited, firstly by the size of the package being carried tentatively down the drive by the delivery man and also that so much attention had been made to ensure it arrived in perfect condition all the way from Lithuania to the UK!

I eagerly unwrapped my World Push Pin Travel Map and gazed at its beautiful colours and superior quality. This wasn’t just a wall map; this was a statement piece!

Quality and Detail of the World Map

The high-quality textured canvas is mounted on a foam-backed lightweight frame and is printed using certified Canon ink, meaning that the map will not yellow or fade over time.

Country names are written in English with city names written in the language of that country adding to the appeal.

There are hooks for hanging on the right and left corners of the frame already attached for ease. It only took me about 10 minutes to hang (with help from hubby!), but there is also an online guide to help you.

Colourful Trip Map Pins

Along with my world map came three pots of coloured push pins (100 in each). A personal handwritten card was included making it clear that the map had been made with care specifically for me.

With a range of coloured pins to choose from you can customise your map in any way you choose. I chose three different pin colours; white (to match my furniture), blue (to match my logo), and rose gold for a little bit of glamour.

I then used my white push pins for capital cities, blue for towns and rose gold for places that I still want to visit. What I now have is a detailed wall map that makes me smile every time I pass it.

Unique Trip Map Personalization

And the “pièce de résistance” is that Where Angie Wanders has been printed in the left-hand corner of the map. It has been printed in my logo colour of blue and is perfect. I finally have a personalized world map, something I have wanted for a long time.

A map is a travel record of your life, and mine holds over 35 years of experiences. From a safari in South Africa to an idyllic stay in the Maldives everything is now documented on my map!

Limited Time Discount

Trip Map World has offered my readers a 10% discount off any of their push pin maps range! The offer is valid by using the code ‘ANGELA10‘ at the checkout until the 30th November 2020.

A Push Pin Map would be perfect as a unique gift for yourself or a loved one. In fact, anyone looking for a decorative travel product to enhance their home.

I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone thinking of purchasing a Push Pin World Map of their own.

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Linda (LD Holland)
1 month ago

We have looked at several different map options to keep track of our travels. This looks like something I might be happy to have on display. The world map does look big enough to properly map our travels around the world. I love that you can mark cities and not just countries to keep track of places still to visit. 

Reply to  Linda (LD Holland)
1 month ago

It has taken pride of place on my wall. I have enjoyed pinning cities and towns that I have visited along with places that are still on my wishlist.

Renata Green
1 month ago

Recently, this sort of maps got really popular – for pins, scratching and more. Also, they are always included in those ‘gifts for travellers’ posts that I rather dislike. And now this – something designed by a small team and made of fabric in high quality! It shows right away that this is a whole different story….albeit still the same world 😉

Reply to  Renata Green
1 month ago

Yes this one really is of high quality and made with love in a small family workshop.

Jay Artale
1 month ago

This would be the type of project I start with enthusiasm but then never maintain. But I’d imagine that having a map in these times would be quite motivating and inspirational.

1 month ago

Hi Angie
What a great idea this is, especially at this time when travel options are so limited. I’ve just ordered one for Christmas for an elderly relative who is no longer able to travel, but will love reliving a whole lifetime of travels with this map.

Reply to  Coralie
1 month ago

That’s a lovely thought. Its so much fun pinning and then when you glance up at the map you are suddenly transported back to a point and memory in life that has filled you with joy. Which colour did you go for?

Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson
1 month ago

This looks really cool! Not many pins to add for this year but hopefully will improve in the next few years. coolest xmas present idea Ive seen so far 🙂

1 month ago

This looks great. I love documenting my travels like this & am seriously tempted to treat myself to an early Christmas present! Yours looks lovely & I like that it’s personalised for your blog too.

Reply to  Sue
1 month ago

Go on treat yourself! I have loved tracking where I have been and where I still want to go. I have different coloured pins for each thing and I seem to have an awful lot of places to still go – not sure I will ever get to them all but here’s hoping!

Nancy Hann
1 month ago

What a cool map and the personalization would make it a perfect gift too. I love the muted colors that would go with nearly any color scheme.

1 month ago

I would love to have one like that! I bought myself a big scratchmap once, but after using it a few times it started looking… weird and old, so I took it down 😛
Are you enjoying yours?

Reply to  Ann
1 month ago

I love it. I also had a scratch map firstly but it ended up looking tatty and I took it down. This map is like a statement piece for your wall. I am enjoying pinning everywhere I have been and realising that there is so much more of the world I must explore!!

1 month ago

Hi Angie’

How long did it take from point of order to delivery?

I am thinking of getting one as a gift before Christmas 🎄


Reply to  Donny
1 month ago

It took about 6 days to arrive. It was packaged really well with bubble wrap and cardboard. I would definitely recommend purchasing one for Christmas. Don’t forget to use my discount code ANGELA10 for 10% discount off any of the maps online.

Reply to  WhereAngieWanders
1 month ago

I’m rubbish at gift ideas, and I do love a discount. I’m sure it will make a great gift. Thanks again for the gift idea.

Reply to  Donny
1 month ago

I am glad you like it. Its a surefire winner for anyone who loves to travel.

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